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DLC icon after dark.png After Dark
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Release date / Patch
2015-09-24 / 1.2

Store: Expansion
Paradox / Steam

After Dark was the first Skylines expansion. It was released on 2015-09-24.[1]

In After Dark, players' cities will go from day to night and back again, and their bustling burgs will look – and behave – differently. New leisure-focused commercial areas will become popular nightspots, with citizens flocking to nightclubs, karaoke bars, and other downtown destinations when their day is done. During the day, newly popular beachfront properties will do big business, including beach restaurants, jetski rentals, and more. For citizens who have a little too much fun, the addition of prisons will sort things out – while new taxi mechanics will help nighttime revelers get around efficiently and safely.

Expansion features[edit]

  • Leisure and Luxury: Nightclubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, and other new leisure areas will become especially active at night
  • Service with a Smile: New city services will transport criminals from police stations to prisons, while cargo hubs and international airports will allow industry and tourism to expand and thrive
  • Surf and Turf: Commercial areas on the shoreline can specialize in new beach properties such as fishing tours, marinas, and beach bars
  • We Get Around: New taxi services help citizens and tourists travel around the city, while new dedicated bus lanes and bike lanes encourage alternate transportation
  • New Chirps: Because everyone loves Chirper #youknowit #heisadorable
  • New Steam Achievements

Free features[edit]

New service buildings[edit]

New unique buildings[edit]

Dev diaries[edit]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about After Dark expansion and patch 1.2.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Night Time, what is it? Day and night cycle 2015-08-20
2 What's new with Modding? Changes related to Modding 2015-08-27
3 Expanded city services Police and transport 2015-09-03
4 Commercial specializations Commercial specializations 2015-09-10


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