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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.7.

As a city grows, new population milestones will arise that unlock new services, buildings, zones, and areas for the city as well as giving extra cash.

  • New services allow you to add new services to your city. When you unlock a new service, you are also given access to a basic building of that type. At later milestones you can unlock new buildings for those services. Usually new buildings provide you with more effective means of managing your city.
  • New zones include higher density residential and commercial zones and office zones.
  • Unique buildings include various significant buildings, each with separate unlocking requirements and benefits. Monuments are unlocked at the last milestone.
  • When a new area is unlocked, you can choose to buy one of the adjacent areas in the area view to expand your city. Some of the areas can have water areas, highways, and/or natural resources. You can have a total of nine areas unlocked by the end of the game, but this could be increased to a total of 25 areas or even 81 areas with Steam Workshop modifications.

List of milestones[edit]

The population requirement appears to depend on the map selected, most likely how much of the map is suitable for building. The exact formula is currently unknown.

Milestone Required
Areas Features Services Zoning Policies Roads Buildings Money Bonus
Little Hamlet 500 1 Taxes
Elementary School
Landfill Site
Medical Clinic
Snow dump
Worthy Village 1000 2 Districts
District Specialization
Second Loan
Services Policies
Emergency Services
Police Department
Unique buildings: Level 1
Agriculture Specialization
Forestry Specialization
Power Usage
Smoke Detector Distribution
Water Usage
Fire House
Police Station
Tiny Town 1300 Landscaping
Event Policies
Parks and Plazas
Unique Buildings: Level 2
Unique Buildings: Football
Come One, Come All
Match Security
Parks and Recreation
Pet Ban
Schools Out
Smoking Ban
Subsidized Youth
Gravel Path
Pavement Path
Bicycle Path
Basketball Court
Botanical Garden
Bouncy Castle Park
Carousel Park
Dog Park
Fresh Water Outlet
High School
Japanese Garden
Large Playground
Park with Trees
Plaza with Picnic Tables
Plaza with Trees
Paradox Plaza
Small Park
Small Playground
Vertical Farm
Boom Town 2400 3 Transport
Unique Buildings: Level 3
Ore Specialization Extra insulation
High Ticket Prices
No electricity for heat
Only electricity for heat
Prefer Ferries
Recreational Use
Cloverleaf Intersection
Three-Way Intersection
Large Roundabout
Highway Ramp
2,3,4-Lane Highway
Two-way highway
Roads with Bus Lane
Roads with Tram Track
Ferry Pathway
Advanced Wind Turbine
Bus Depot
Taxi Depot
Tram depot
Geothermal heating plant
Boiler station
Medical Helicopter Depot
Emergency Shelter, Small
Radio Mast, Short
Disaster Response Unit
Tank Reservoir
Ferry Depot
Ferry Pier
Ferry Stop
Wave Power Plant
Busy Town 4600 City planning policies Unique Buildings: Level 4
Unique Buildings: Leisure & Tourism
Oil Specialization
Tourism Specialization
Free Public Transport
Heavy Traffic Ban
Bike ban on sidewalks
Encourage biking
Old Town
Studded tires
Anti-slip studs
Fast Recovery
No Rebuilding
Helicopter Priority
Decorative roads
2,3,4-Lane Highway with Sound Barrier
Two-way highway with Sound Barrier
Roads with Bicycle Lane
Asymmetrical three-lane Road
Fire Station
Oil Power Plant
Police Headquarters
Bus Station
Leisure buildings
Road Maintenance Depot
Fire Helicopter Depot
Weather Radar
Pumping Service
Tsunami Warning Buoy
Ferry and Bus Exchange Stop
Intelligence Agency
Medical Laboratory
Big Town 7000 4 Taxation policies Unique Buildings: Level 5
High-Density Commercial
High-Density Residential
Office Zone
Leisure Specialization
Educational Blimps
Education Boost
Harsh prison sentences
Tax raises and reliefs
Let go of Leisure
Lightning Rods
Blimp Pathway Incineration Plant
Metro Station
Police Helicopter Depot
Emergency Shelter, Large
Radio Mast, Tall
Firewatch Tower
Deep Space Radar
Earthquake Sensor
Blimp Depot
Blimp Stop
Small City 10000 Unique Buildings: Level 6
Cable Cars
Big Business Benefactor
High Tech Housing
Highrise Ban
Industrial Space Planning
Small Business Enthusiast
Cable Car Cables
Monorail Tracks
Roads with Monorail Tracks
Cargo Train Terminal
Hydro Power Plant
Train Station
2x Multi-platform Train Stations
2x Cable Car Stops
Monorail Station
Monorail Station with road
Monorail-Bus Hub
Metro-Monorail-Train Hub
Big City 16000 5 Water Treatment Plant
Grand City 26000 Third Loan Solar Power Plant
Capital City 32000 6 Ship Cargo Harbor
Colossal City 40000 7 Nuclear Power Plant
Cargo Hub
Metropolis 55000 8 Plane Airport
Megalopolis 80000 9
Monuments International Airport