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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Cities Skylines free DLC "Match Day" banner.

DLC icon match day.png Match Day is a free DLC which was released for Cities: Skylines alongside Patch 1.5.0-f4 on 09 June 2016, and is a prerequisite for the Stadiums: European Club Pack.

Official Description[edit]

"Match Day Introduces the Team Spirit to Your Town! Available for free to all players of Cities:Skylines “Match Day” allows mayor-players to add stadiums to their towns – and comes with all of the benefits and challenges of hosting major sporting events in their citizens’ backyard."


  • Football Stadium
  • Football match mechanics
  • Possibility to customize football team colour
  • New policies
  • New Chirps
  • New Chirper hat

Match Mechanics[edit]

Your city will see increased traffic on match days, and it makes money from ticket sales and winnings. Potentially increased crime.


The "Match Day" policies are accessed by clicking on the stadium, not from the normal policies window. Ticket prices may also be set there.

Come one come all.png Come One, Come All - Public transport is free on match days.
Match security.png Match Security - Hires security personnel to keep crime low around the stadium.
Subsidized youth.png Subsidized Youth - Spending money on training young players increases the odds of your team winning.


The match mechanics and policies only apply to the Stadiums in the "Football" tab of the "Unique Buildings" menu. This includes the stadiums from the "Stadiums: European Club Pack" DLC. They do not apply to the European Theme Unique Building Landmark "Sports Arena", or the Level 6 Unique Building "Stadium".

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