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Patch 1.6.X are all patches beginning with 1.6. There have so far been three hotfixes.


Main article: Patch 1.6.0


Patch 1.6.1-f2 is a hotfix released on 2016-12-11[1].


  • Chinese localisation added
  • Added information about Tank Reservoir stored water in Water infoview
  • Added scenario losing and winning conditions in New Game-Choose Scenario panel
  • IBuilding modding interface
  • Added missing service enumerations to modding API
  • Trailer-, sub building-, and prop variation assets disabled and enabled with main asset
  • Fixed: Typo Distrcits in In-Game Keymapping Settings options
  • Fixed: Mac/Linux: The white News Feed box stays highlighted after a user clicks on it.
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor: The word Severity isn't localised in any language in the info window for placed Disasters
  • Fixed: Garbage accumulation for International Airport and Cargo Hub is high
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Ancient Wall description text is placeholder text
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor: There's no efficient way of rearranging Conditions order in the list
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: Game stops working when creating a new International Airport asset with props
  • Fixed: Some buildings causing asset editor to crash
  • Fixed: Sub building heights and angles sometimes saved wrong
  • Fixed: Player not being able to place props made with certain templates
  • Fixed: An issue causing mods to disappear from content manager
  • Fixed: Superfluous dot sign at the end of By the Dam scenario name in PT and FR
  • Fixed: Superfluous dot sign at the end of Helicopter Park name in PL
  • Fixed: Multiple disaster reports generated for single disaster cluster
  • Fixed: Localization not refreshed in multiple places when changing languages
  • Fixed: Reloading Theme Editor in the same map theme cause Disaster Probabilities tab issues
  • Fixed: Weather Radar name overflows in KO
  • Fixed: Localization is not updating immediately in Asset Editor for all languages
  • Fixed: Cut off Helicopter Priority in Milestone panel while playing with DE language
  • Fixed: Not updating translation for all policies tooltip text while in district panel
  • Fixed: Notification icons are present for sub-buildings in asset editor
  • Fixed: Citizen using evacuation buses need to first exit the Large Emergency Shelter in order to get inside it
  • Fixed: Loading a game while meteor strike is occurring result with no explosion SFX
  • Fixed: Player need to click twice on radio panel in order to open it
  • Fixed: The after disaster report panel is carried over between saves that both have the same map theme
  • Fixed: Player cannot dismiss after disaster report at will
  • Fixed: Water front buildings becomes displaced when hit by tsunami
  • Fixed: Sub building button disappearing with certain screen aspect ratios
  • Fixed: Garbage piling up in multi-part buildings
  • Fixed: Lose prompt doesn't mention which losing condition was met
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor: Using both trigger and non-trigger conditions for a win or loss makes the conditions get
  • sorted in a strange way inside Goals menu in-game when you use "After each other";
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor: The minus key is not registered when trying to enter a negative value for a money trigger.
  • Fixed: Advanced Wind Turbine becomes displaced when hit by tsunami
  • Fixed: Asset Editor - The user is able to place intersection assets outside of the asset zone limit.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor - User is unable to load the first saved intersection asset in a new asset editor.
  • Fixed: Radio channels streaming warning includes Relaxation Station even though it's okay to stream with that station
  • Fixed: Tutorial message for rebuilding collapsed city services doesn't appear
  • Fixed: Disaster Risk info view has no Advisor text
  • Fixed: Most Natural Disasters keymappings are missing.
  • Fixed: Early warning for disasters remains with unchanged text during the disaster
  • Fixed: Relocating a Shelter causes issues with the current evacuation route.
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor: Users are able to scroll the list of effects without opening the drop-down menu.
  • Fixed: The Chirper birds do not follow the bends in the Chirpynado.
  • Fixed: The Tsunami warning message is cut off.
  • Fixed: Disaster severity slider could be hard to understand for a new player at first
  • Fixed: The Trench Ruins do not get destroyed by disasters.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor - Intersections can be placed over each other.
  • Fixed: Disaster reports names can go out of bounds
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Load Map menu is using the wrong save name
  • Fixed: Role and effects of Disaster Response unit was unclear
  • Fixed: Newly added City Statistics timelines are inconsistent with other City Statistics timelines.
  • Fixed: UI: The Disaster warning bar slightly grows each time a new disaster hit the city.
  • Fixed: Some citizens are using evacuation route buses like a regular bus line


Patch 1.6.2-f1 is a hotfix released on 2016-12-21[2].


  • Relaxation Station DLC audio files are not included in the base game anymore
  • Fixed: User-made scenarios cannot be played without owning Natural Disasters DLC
  • Fixed: elevated road pillars disappearing when editing interchanges
  • Fixed: elevated road pillars no more treated as sub buildings when editing a building
  • Fixed: sub building now packed only once when used multiple times in a building
  • Fixed: sub building paths getting duplicated when saving a building
  • Fixed: Sub-buildings keep burning after main fire has been extinguished
  • Fixed: Scenario tab in new game panel is disabled when there are no scenarios available


Patch 1.6.3-f1 is a hotfix released on 2017-01-26[3].


  • Fixed helicopters not used when building is completely missing road connection
  • Fixed endless sub-building fires
  • Fixed unnecessary thunderstorm warnings
  • Fixed crash when adding building to a style
  • Content manager asset sorting
  • Fixed: Overlapping 'Unsubscribe All' button in Content Manager in ES
  • Fixed: Player is unable to close triggers tabs in Goals panel even when buttons look functional


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