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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.5.

Services provide citizens with what they need to live a good and productive life. There are five services in the game. They are unlocked at different milestones and each service has specific buildings.


The budget of services can be set anywhere between 50% and 150%. Services provide the greatest effect per unit of money at 100%.

At 50%, services will operate at only 25% effect, and at 150%, services will operate at 125% effect. So in general services should be running as close to 100% as possible.


Main article: Decoration

Parks and plazas provide somewhere nice for citizens to enjoy, increasing land value and attracting tourists. Trees and pedestrian paths are also considered part of the decorations service.


Main article: Education

Schools provide children, teenagers, and young adults with education. The education level affects how much the buildings in your city can be upgraded.

Garbage disposal[edit]

Main article: Garbage disposal

The buildings in your city produce garbage and it needs to be disposed of. To do this your city needs a landfill or an incinerator plant to process all the garbage. As your city grows, you will need more landfills and/or incinerators to take care of the waste. If there are areas in your city turning brown or red, you need more garbage service. If those areas don't receive garbage service, people will start getting sick.

Healthcare and safety[edit]

Main article: Healthcare and safety

Healthcare and safety ensures that citizens can lead productive lives by minimizing the effects of illness, crime, and fire.


Main article: Power

Without power most buildings will not work. The city must provide sufficient electricity to power every building in the city, or citizens will eventually move away from the city. The weekly maintenance cost of running (not installing; that's a separate cost) FORTY wind-turbines is the same amount as is needed per week to run (not install) a hydro-electric dam. So once your city is using 40 wind turbines, it is more financially viable to place a Hydro-Electric Dam in your city and turn off the wind turbines (given that you can afford to pay the initial cost of the dam).

Water and sewage[edit]

Main article: Water and sewage

Your citizens and the city services need fresh water and a way to get rid of sewage to stay healthy and function properly.


Main article: Transportation

Your citizens need to get around the city so that they can work, shop, get educated, and so on.


Main article: Heating

Your citizens need to stay warm. Buildings can be kept warm by using electricity or less electricity by using more efficient heating plants.

Road maintenance[edit]

Main article: Road maintenance

Roads need to be kept clear of snow and further maintenance can increase traffic speeds.